Joy Stack

I grew up in Fiji and my parents also later worked in Papua New Guinea for several years, so the islands are my memories as a child. Presently […]

Jarrod Stack

“I’ve lost around 20 kilos. Kokoda is literally scaring me into shape.” Jarrod Stackelroth is a magazine editor. A sedentary desk job, coupled with study, stress and comfort […]

David & Tia

David & Tia Abel. David loves keeping fit and active with his family.  During daylight hours he works at Sanitarium AUS heading up the commercial teams.  This trek […]

Rob Scoines

Rob Scoines is the General Manager at Sanitarium Health Food Co New Zealand.  He enjoys a good challenge, history, travel, meeting new people and a good cause – so […]

Harry Slatter

Harry Slatter is always up for a challenge and the Kokoda Trek certainly fits into that category.  He is looking forward to taking this trip with his dad, […]

Murray Slatter

Murray Slatter is the general manager for Pluim Contructions and is part of a group of six others connected to his Company. Harry his son will also be […]

Brad Watson

Brad Watson is a lecturer at Avondale College in the field of International Poverty and Development Studies. Having previously lived and worked in PNG he has a strong […]

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