Kokoda Trek 2019 Photo Gallery

Participants embarked on a physical and mental journey. They walked where the Anzac diggers trod. Learnt about the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels that cared for the soldiers in 1942 and met some of their descendants.

They trampled through rivers and mud, experienced an array of scenery from jungles to deep gorges to tracks besides pristine rivers. They distributed 10000 Toes Diabetes Screening Kits to villages along the way. Enjoy some of their snapshots from along the way.

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Stories from Kokoda

Team Townend. Hear what they loved the most

Team Pluim. The highs and lows of the team

Nick Lindsay and Jarrod Stackelroth tell of their highlights

Paul Rubessa, Adrian Clack and Steve Goods

Team Sanitarium and the youngest trekker

Junior Sulusi’s unique Kokoda story

Joy and Kyle Stackelroth’s eventful first day

Joy Stackelroth talks about visiting her uncle’s grave in Port Moresby

The welcoming committee and excitement at the end of the trek

Part of Team Pluim and their story, before the trek began

Vladka Henry’s story includes a love of history, travel and hiking

Kepsie Elodo, who’s home village is along the track

Steve Goods’ story includes a love of hiking and fundraising for 10,000 Toes

Travis and Chelsea Townend’s desire to be good role models to their students