10,000 Toes is now using Wellness Hubs to achieve its goals

Wellness hubs

What is a Wellness Hub?

A Wellness Hub is a place that offers whole-person health. People can come to the Hub to have their diabetes tested, attend a LIP (Lifestyle Intervention Program), do exercise, or participate in another community event such as healthy cooking demonstrations. The Wellness Hub will offer community connections.

If you would like to learn more about how you can Adopt-a-Wellness Hub in a local community then please contact us at [email protected] to find out more information.

The aim of the Wellness Hubs is to positively impact the community by taking them on a journey to achieve whole-person health. This would be achieved through the 7 Dimensions of Wellness.

Training 10,000 Toes Ambassadors

Running regular Wellness Snapshots (Health Expos)

Conducting Lifestyle Intervention Programs, eg: Live More Abundantly (LMA), Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), Forgive to Live, Journey to Wholeness

Offering other community-based programs, eg: fitness clubs, cooking classes

Become an Ambassador and lets Turn the Tide on Diabetes together


  • Identify the type of Wellness Hub you will choose
    Eg. Pop up/Mobile Hub, Permanent Hub (one location) or Partnership (join another group).

  • Identify passionate key people to run the Wellness Hub.

  • Obtain a formal commitment from your governing body/organisation/church.

  • Connect with the 10,000 Toes Zone Ambassador from your region to obtain approval.

  • Develop a plan that will be approved by your Zone Ambassador

    Determine the space required.

    Identify and train adequate Ambassadors.
    Ensure adequate facilitators are trained to run Lifestyle Intervention Programs (LIP).

    Utility costs (water, electricity, sewage, etc).
    Running of LIP programs.
    Training/upskilling costs.
    What funding opportunities are available.
    Insurance costs.

    Develop a marketing strategy when finalised with your Team Ambassador.

    Understand and comply with all the legal/insurance/health regulations.

If you need help connecting with your local Zone Ambassador please contact us at [email protected]