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Turning the tide on diabetes in the South Pacific

Turning the tide on diabetes in the South Pacific

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South Pacific regions using the 10,000 Toes Strategies

Solomon Islands | Fiji | Tonga | Papua New Guinea | American Samoa | Western Samoa | Cook Islands | Vanuatu | Nauru | Tuvalu | Kirabati | Tokelau | French Polynesia | New Caledonia | Niue

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Stomp Stories

Come along for the journey and join the movement to save 10000 Toes. You can help by sharing our Stomp Stories on social media, or sending to friends. Join us, as we work together to TURN THE TIDE and STAMP OUT DIABETES in the South Pacific!

Here at 10000 Toes, we are endeavouring to educate and create awareness of the Type 2 Diabetes epidemic that is currently happening in the South Pacific. We want to share the reasons why it’s happening, what we can do to help and what 10000 Toes is working towards. We want celebrate the success stories. We want to take YOU along for the journey, and we will do this with our STOMP STORIES.

Each week we will be sharing a story either via video, pictures, or articles etc. that highlights what is happening in different parts of the Pacific. Testimonials, interviews, limbs and lives saved, education and prevention, efforts being made in our cause and so much more. The 10000 Toes campaign is huge, there is so much work to do. Help us to turn the tide.

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Achievements in 2018

March 14th, 2019|Achievements|

Twelve months ago we realized that every 20 minutes a limb is amputated in the South Pacific. That is 30,000 amputations a year.  The cause is Type 2 Diabetes. This is an entirely preventable disease but contributes to up to 80% of deaths.  Even though the problem seemed [...]

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Junior’s Journey

October 25th, 2018|Stomp Stories|

In 2017 I discovered I had diabetes. Prior to this I didn't want to admit I was sick but my symptoms kept getting worse. The doctor took my blood sugar level and straight away admitted me to hospital. I was shocked because I considered myself to be a healthy man. [...]

In partnership with ADRA Australia, the aim of this project is to reach 10,000 people already affected, or at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in the South Pacific Region.

What does $100 buy?
In the 10,000 Toes Campaign it will provide one village/clinic with a screening kit. Our aim for 2019,  is to raise enough money to purchase and distribute 2,000 screening kits.

10000 toes diagnostic kitThese kits consist of a back pack, blood pressure machine and glucometer. We will also provide heavy duty scales and a tape measure for checking height so that a BMI can be determined.

This is a vital step in fighting the tsunami of diabetes in the Pacific.

Pacific Island countries have been declared a “disaster region” for lifestyle diseases. Type 2 Diabetes and other non communicable diseases account for more than 75% of the disease burden in the Pacific today.

The 10,000 Toes Campaign is committed to saving the lives of those affected.

Your donation will make a huge different. So please give and change someone’s life today.
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We achieved our target of $200,000 in 2019
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