Host a Sock it! to Diabetes day

Sock it! to diabetes

There are so many adorable-wacky-loud-crazy socks out there on the market to wear these days, so why not have some fun showing them off and raising funds for a great cause while at it.

By hosting a Sock it! to Diabetes Day you will be helping to stamp out diabetes in the South Pacific.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Select a date.
  2. Raise funds by inviting friends to wear their most wacky, happy, cool, funky socks to your work/school/community event.
  3. Have a toe-riffic day.

Are you ready to Sock it! to diabetes?

Downloadable Resources for Mothers Day and Fathers Day

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Mothers Day 2021 A4 Editable pdf

A4 Editable PDF

Mothers Day 2021 A4 Printable pdf

A4 Printable PDF

Mothers Day 2021 Rec Side Bar

Record Side Bar PDF

Mothers Day 2021 Record Quarter Ad pdf

Record Quarter Pg Ad PDF


Record Side Bar PDF


A3 Printable PDF


A4 Editable PDF


Fathers Day Wide PDF

Why not Host a Mothers or Fathers Day ‘Sock it! to Diabetes’ day?

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Fundraising events help bring the community together!

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    Sock it! fundraising ideas
    1. Provide morning tea, and sell donated items
    2. Host a BBQ, sell sausages & tomaTOE sauce
    3. Ask for a gold coin donation
    4. Make sure you have winning categories – loudest socks/wackiest socks/most creative/longest etc.
    5. Your imagination is the limit!!!