South Pacific nations have the highest prevalence of diabetes in the world. As a result of this the United Nations reports that diabetes and other non-communicable diseases are one of the greatest threats to the regions development.

The 10,000 Toes campaign is committed to saving the lives and limbs of those affected. This project will:

Equip every South Pacific village with the skills and tools to conduct community health assessments for the early detection of diabetes. Likewise they can test for other, related chronic diseases.

Train and resource lifestyle coaches to implement programs to prevent, arrest and reverse Type 2 Diabetes in every village.

Finally improve the capacity of health professionals working in health systems across the South Pacific to manage diabetes.

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Meet the Team

Pamela Townend, Campaign Coordinator
George Kwong, Regional Ambassador, Trans Pacific Regions, Fiji
Dr Chester Kuma - Regional Ambassador, Solomon Islands
Zachary Lipen, Lead Ambassador, PNG
Gad Koito, Lead Ambassador, Solomon Islands
Teera Katarake, Lead Ambassador, Kiribati
Phalguni James, Lead Ambassador, Vanuatu
Lead Ambassador Sili Puniani, Tonga
Lead Ambassador Ipuniuesea Eliapo-Unutoa
Lead Ambassador Sili Puniani, Tonga
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Come join the 10,000 toes campaign and help turn the tide on diabetes in the South Pacific.