Just over 12 months ago, I got a total knee replacement (thanks to a bad football injury in my youth). So I now have two well performing legs again – unlike thousands of people in the South Pacific, who have lost their limbs due to type 2 diabetes. When I was attending pyhsio rehab after my operation, I noticed two older men in the waiting room – both with a leg amputated. I learnt that they had lost their legs through type 2 diabetes. It was alarming. I have friends with diabetes!

This year in June,  I will reach the milestone of 60. I thought about how I should celebrate this birthday landmark with something significant to remember. Go on a cruise (lots of people do); Visit our friends in NZ and travel around the country (been there, done that!); Or achieve a worthy ambition by hiking the Kokoda track, and at the same time, make a difference to the lives of people in need. I chose the latter.

Now, with my new knee intact and performing exceptionally well (thanks Dr Dickison), I thought this would be a worthwhile landmark: to mark my 60 years of God-given life on this planet; to help people who have a real need; and to really put my new knee through it’s paces (my surgeon Dr Dickson keeps encouraging me to “go hard”, I can’t break it –  it’s made of Titanium!).  I’ve heard Kokoda is not a walk in the park, so it should be a good test.