People living in remote Kiribati, an atoll island in the Gilbert Islands, are now able to access health check-ups through the new Tarawa Wellness Hub. This is a direct result of support from the 10,000 Toes Campaign.

Kiribati, like many other Pacific nations, is in the midst of a health crisis. According to recent health data, 81 per cent of Kiribati’s population is obese. In 2019, 96 people were reported to have had their limbs amputated. 36 per cent were also reported as not meeting the recommended physical activity guidelines. These have been put out by the World Health Organisation.

10,000 Toes coordinator Pamela Townend said:

30 screening kits have arrived in Kiribati and we are very excited about what this is going to mean for such an isolated country. Following the official launch on February 28, 2021, which was aired by HOPE radio, people have been coming to the Tarawa Wellness Hub for health check-ups. As a result of this launch, we look forward to seeing a drop in amputations in the years to come.

Mrs Tarataake, the Lead Ambassador for the Campaign, said her next focus is to raise money for the purchase of a mobile clinic. Currently, they are having to hire transport to visits schools and communities and this is proving very expensive. If you would like to contribute to this project, please donate today.