Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen is a registered Nurse who works at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. Brittany loves spending time with her husband and family, enjoys outdoor adventurers and challenging herself.  […]

Junior Sulusi

Junior Sulusi was diagnosed with diabetes last year and since that time has set about to make changes to his lifestyle. As part of this commitment he has […]

Dean Rogers

Dean Rogers is part of a group of six trekkers from Pluim Constructions who are coming on the trek as part of a team building exercise.  Dean believes […]

Vladka Henley

Vladka Henley teaches history at Central Coast Adventist School, Erina, New South Wales. “I love, love, love teaching history,” she said. Even with her busy teaching career and […]

Travis & Chelsea Townend

For Travis Townend, this Kokoda journey started right back in 2011. At that time Travis, and his father Glenn climbed the tallest mountain in Papua New Guinea, Mt Wilhelm. […]

Alvin Schick

Just over 12 months ago, I got a total knee replacement (thanks to a bad football injury in my youth). So I now have two well performing legs […]

Steven Goods

Steven Goods lives in Perth Western Australia and is the only team member from the West.  He has worked with PNGians before and has a desire to get […]

Glenn Townend

Back in January 2019 Travis Townend came to his dad, Glenn, and said “we have hiked the highest mountain in PNG, (Mt Whilhelm - 4,509m) and the highest […]


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