In 2017 I discovered I had diabetes. Prior to this I didn’t want to admit I was sick but my symptoms kept getting worse. The doctor took my blood sugar level and straight away admitted me to hospital. I was shocked because I considered myself to be a healthy man. I’m a vegetarian and I love to play sports.

I became depressed and wondered why this was happening. I had to make lifestyle changes. They were very hard for me to make but I had no choice if I wanted to regain my health.

Today my food choices have changed. My blood sugar levels are normal and I am not as easily fatigued as I used to be.

Diabetes can be reversed if you want to put in the work.

I discovered the 10,000 Toes Campaign and learned more about healthy eating. I am planning on walking the Kokoda Track in July 2019 to help raise money for 10,000 Toes Campaign. If you would like to financially contribute, please press DONATE.