Dr Geraldine Przybylko (South Pacific Division Health Strategy Leader) and Pamela Townend (10,000 Toes Campaign Co-ordinator) outside the venue of the 10,000 Toes Campaign Wellness Summit Samoa 2023.

10,000 Toes Wellness Summit in Samoa

Our team are back from our first-ever 10,000 Toes Campaign Wellness Summit Samoa 2023 with some great stories and memories. Over 200 health enthusiasts attended various health presentations and workshops over 3 days.

It was Campaign Co-ordinator, Pamela Townend’s first trip to Samoa since the 10,000 Toes Campaign started and a great chance to network and finally meet the amazing people behind all the emails.

“It was wonderful to see so many people who were keen to learn more about health on a personal level, and who wanted to become a 10,000 Toes Ambassador and share this knowledge to change the lives of others,” said Pamela.

Dr Ben Matalavea talked about the “Burden on NCDs (non-communicable diseases) in Samoa” and Pamela presented the “Health Nugget Segment” on the importance of movement.

Plus we had a wonderful response to the launch of our new Samoan Cookbook: HEAL the Samoan Way! Order your copy here (hurry, stocks are limited!).

Meet John Ryan, from the Samoa Cancer Council and one of our Lead Ambassadors in Samoa.