We now travel to Vanuatu for the next “Follow the Footsteps” of Phalguni James, Lead Ambassador.

Follow the footsteps of VanuatuAfter 5 years of incredible service as the 10,000 Toes Campaign Lead Ambassador in Vanuatu, Phalguni James has left us to pursue working with the Ministry of Health. Our heartfelt thanks Phalguni, for all your wonderful work and dedication to transforming lives in Vanuatu!

Phalguni came to The 10,000 Toes Campaign with a strong emphasis on health, having trained as a nurse and completed a Master’s in Public Health. Over the past few years, her focus has been on running health programs like CHIP and health expos. In 2020, at the inaugural South Pacific Society of Lifestyle Medicine, Phalguni was the first from her country to receive Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

“Thank you for the support and opportunities for growth provided during my years of service with the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Vanuatu.

Today I completed the handover to Mrs Lekon Tari who is our newly appointed Vanuatu Mission Health Director. She is currently working with the Ministry of Health under a WHO-funded programme to combat Malaria in Vanuatu. Lekon has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and was the first Live More Abundantly (LMA) facilitator to successfully run the LMA program in her local church. Lekon is a smart and dedicated person. I believe the Lord has chosen her for this role.

Lekon TariLekon is from Mele Village, the same village Lesbeth (our Vanuatu 10,000 Toes Coordinator is from). Lesbeth and Lekon are cousins. I am just so happy she has accepted the job and is willing to serve the people of Vanuatu as the Health Director of Vanuatu Mission. Lekon will report to duty next week.

We spent about 12 hours over 5 sittings with Lekon, explaining to her all the projects, the Strategic Plan for this quinquennium, future plans of the mission health department and all the documents we have in the office, including the procedures and history of all that we have and had. Today’s session was all about the 10,000 Toes Campaign.”

Health Ministry Handbook

I have recently worked on putting together a Health Ministry Handbook mainly because I was worried there will be a gap and the Mission will be without a Health Director, and I didn’t want the local churches to suffer because of a change in leadership but praise God for answered prayers.

This handbook has been prayerfully and intentionally designed to help the Local Church Leaders and members in the health ministry of the local church to understand the role of the health ministry in disciple-making and personal spiritual growth. It is also designed to provide guidance for the local church in regard to the Adventist Health Ministry.

It also provides the job description and duties of a Health Ministry Leader of the Church in order for the church to have an effective health and wellness promotion movement that will boost the overall well-being of not only the church members but the sphere of influence of the local church. The 10,000 Toes campaign is well explained in the handbook. Lekon can update the Handbook in the coming years as things change and evolve.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity I was given to serve in the Church. I am grateful for the experiences and knowledge and skills gained during my time with The 10,000 Toes Campaign. Thank you for everything.”

Phalguni has helped make a positive difference in so many people’s lives. On behalf of everyone at The 10,000 Toes Campaign, we thank you so much for your great service over the last 5 years. We wish you all the very best and will miss you!