The 10,000 Toes Campaign is bringing much-needed health awareness to the local community.

Follow the footsteps of PNGDuring the week of the 17-21st of July 2023, 160 x 10,000 Toes Ambassadors ran a health expo in Goroka, Papua New Guinea.  Around 1,200 people completed a lifestyle survey, received a health check and left with a summary report and short lifestyle consultation.

This snapshot of health revealed that more than 80% of people suffered from one or more health issues!

“Despite the sad results, it motivated the Ambassadors to keep going, as people were eager to understand their results and learn what they could do to make a change. One step at a time, that’s what it is going to take, but together we can turn the tide on diabetes and other chronic diseases,” said Pamela Townend, Campaign Coordinator.

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