Meet Teera from Kiribati, Flora from Tonga, Gad from the Solomon Islands, and our amazing George, Regional Health Director from Fiji, who bring you a wonderful message from the South Pacific.

While most of us are blessed with a healthy and abundant life, many in the South Pacific are battling poor health and loss of limbs caused by diabetes.

Every 20 minutes an amputation occurs in the South Pacific due to diabetes or an associated lifestyle disease. Our mission is to reduce diabetes in the South Pacific using this approach:

  1.  Early detection of diabetes and associated lifestyle diseases by providing screening kits;
  2.  Educating and equipping people to help their communities reverse diabetes;
  3.  Training health professionals to conduct free health checks for the South Pacific islanders using a whole-person health approach.

Since we first began the 10,000 Toes Campaign 5 years ago, we have achieved so much, thanks to your support but urgently need your help to save more lives and limbs in the South Pacific, especially Nauru where we have recently begun our campaign.

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At the 10,000 Toes Campaign, we recognize that our work would not be possible without your help. Because of you, we are now able to reach 10 islands in the South Pacific with an important health message to help turn the tide on diabetes.