Great news from Bora Bora

Our spotlight is on French Polynesia and the beautiful small South Pacific Island northwest of Tahiti. Congratulations to our 35 new 10,000 Toes Campaign Ambassadors who have completed their training!

Our dedicated Ambassadors in Bora Bora have just run a Health Check for their community, and we love their smiles.

Our team invited locals to complete some Health Lifestyle questions and then go through the Health Check stations to get their blood pressure, heart rate, weight, height checked, and more. At the end of the Health Check, our team shared each participant’s health results including the areas that need improving and the simple changes to their diet and lifestyle that could save their life.

For most people across the South Pacific, this basic health check is the first time they have been screened for diabetes or other non-communicable diseases, so we want to reach more people.

Our trained Ambassadors are:

  1. Sharing basic and life-changing health and lifestyle information
  2. Running these free Health Checks and other events to educate the community
  3. Training local Health Professionals to help save lives and lives

They all need our help. Please donate today at